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Welcome in the portal SIVA of the Ministry of economic development.

In this portal you can request the issue of Surveillance Documents by filling out an online application.

The request may be renewed within 8 months from the date of issue.



Useful Guidelines for registering and completing the application:

  • registration can be carried out by one of the following 3 actors::

    • Importing Company
    • Representative/Declarant
    • Delegate/Attorney
  • the Representative/Declarant or Delegate may:

    • indicate one or more companies that have power of attorney;
    • submit an application for each of the companies represented;
  • the Delegate/Attorney is obliged to attach a file indicating the Delegation;

  • the validity of the¬†Surveillance Document¬†has a duration of 4 months renewable if it does not run out, following Customs discharges, the total quantity of goods declared;

  • the amounts indicated for each commodity must be over 2500 KG;

  • The application must be digitally signed by one of the following 3 topics:

    • Legal representative stated in the application when the user registered applicant is an importing company

    • Representative/Declarant if the user registered applicant is a Representative/Declarant

    • Delegate/Attorney¬†if the user registered applicant is a Delegate

  • The application can be saved "drafts" and built at different times.

  • The request submitted and registered CANNOT be changed but just canceled.

  • In the "List of your RELEASED requests" on the page "My Requests", you can perform a search of your licenses registered with and issued by the Administration, by entering in the text field provided the Protocol Number.


To consult EU law: 

REGOLAMENTO (UE) 2015_478 - 11 marzo 2015
(pdf 442KB)
REGOLAMENTO (UE) 2015_755 - 29 aprile 2015
(pdf 442KB)
REGOLAMENTO (UE) DI ESECUZIONE 2016_670 - 28 aprile 2016
(pdf 442KB)
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